Video Training

Google Apps Training
These are instructional videos containing the same basic information we teach in our workshops. If you aren't able to make it to one of the training session, you can watch these at your convenience. They are also great as a refresher if you forget how to do something later. 

Gmail and Calendar

Teacher Laptop Training
The following videos cover the material taught in the new laptop training sessions at each elementary school: 

"Quick Tip" Video Clips
These are short videos designed to teach a specific skill, program, or handy trick that will help you incorporate technology into your lessons.

In this video you will learn how to export a list of parent emails from Skyward into a spreadsheet. That list can be quickly copied and pasted into a contact group for Gmail so you can easily send an email to all of your parents. It is also useful for copying and pasting email addresses into Google Classroom's new Guardian Email Summary feature. Copying and pasting the email addresses will help you avoid mistakes and typos that you probably will have if you type them in manually one at a time. 

How to use VDI labs
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the new system we are using in the computer labs in the district. This video will show you how to log in and (most importantly) where to save your work. 

Flubaroo is an "Add-On" for Google Sheets. It will automatically grade quizzes and tests created with Google Forms.

This video will show you how to collect research that includes location information, and then how to use Google Maps to plot that data on a map. This is a great way for students to tie data to geography and demographics information. For example, students could create a poll that collects data on political party preferences, then they could plot on a map where the respondents live. This could help identify culture trends based on where people live (rural vs. city).

Google Forms can show a summary of data collected in the form of pie charts and bar graphs. This video will show you how to create a poll for your class to check for understanding, and then display the results which will update in real time (with a page refresh) as the students answer the poll question(s).

           Using EDpuzzle (8:14)
EDpuzzle is a website that lets you show a YouTube video to students in an interactive way that works well in a classroom/lab environment. The teacher can edit any YouTube video down to only the portion they want the students to see. The teacher can also set the video up so that it automatically pauses at certain points and makes the students answer a question before allowing the video to continue. Videos are shown add-free on the EDpuzzle website, so there are no other videos displayed to distract students.

If you have students turn in Google Docs electronically, you will need to open each document individually in order to print them. PDF Mergy is an add-on that lets you select multiple Google Docs and quickly combine them into a single PDF so that you can print all the documents with one print command, rather than opening each one individually.

 How to add Extensions to Chrome (1:10)
Chrome extensions are programs that add functionality to your web browser. There are hundreds of useful extensions that you can connect to your browser from the Chrome Web Store.

 How to use Snagit to Record Your Screen (9:00)
Snagit is a Chrome Extension that allows you to record your screen as a video or as a still image. It is extremely useful for demonstration purposes.

Google Hangouts
This button can connect you to live, video help (if we are online at the time).

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