Google Add-ons and Extensions

Google Add-ons
Flubaroo (Sheets) - Adds automatic grading to Sheets. Create a quiz in Forms and the results will be saved in a Sheets document, then Flubaroo will grade it for you.

Choice Eliminator (Forms) - Automatically removes choices that have already been selected by students. For example, if you want each student to choose a topic for a project, but you want to prevent two students from choosing the same topic, this will remove chosen topics from the list.

PDF Mergy (Docs) - Merge multiple documents into a single PDF. Great for printing a batch of student work, or for creating PDF collections.

EasyBib (Docs) - Automatically generate a bibliography for reports. Can be used for APA, MLA, and other formats.

Chrome Extensions
Snagit - Record your computer screen as a video lesson and take screenshots with Snagit.

Share to Classroom - When you students are logged in to Google Classroom, use this button to instantly share a website with your whole class. It will open the new web page in their browser, on any device. Much better than writing a web address on the board or in a handout!

Google Tone - Uses your speakers and microphone to share web pages with nearby computers. The sending computer creates an audible tone which is "heard" by the listening computers. The URL address is stored in the tone and all the computers that hear the tone can call up the web site.

Tab Cloud - Stores sets of website tabs in your Chrome web browser. If you usually keep the same tabs open, save them with Tab Cloud and instantly open all of them at any time.

Padlet - A collaboration tool that allows users to post anything (images, documents, drawings, web sites, etc.) to a work area that everyone can see and interact with. Great for project planning or group brainstorming.