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Teachers On Special Assignment (Mark Wayland & Nate Hanson)
The TOSAs will be engaged in providing professional development for technology we currently have in place. They will focus on Google App training, Internet safety training and other requested training to support teaching and learning. In addition, they will facilitate meetings of teacher leaders in the buildings with a focus on integration of technology in their classrooms.  The TOSA's will develop "studio classrooms" within the school buildings for teachers to fully realize the positive impact technology can have on teaching and learning.  The TOSAs will be facilitating on-site visits to other districts for our teachers to see what the possibilities could be for our classrooms.  A major and exciting project the TOSAs will be involved with is the facilitation of after school tech classes and developing a summer technology institute for the district during the summer of 2016.

Classroom technology makes it easier to get students thinking on the higher end of Bloom's cognitive domains. By using the SAMR model, teachers can help move students into more effective areas of collaborative learning: analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, and creating. Mark Wayland and Nate Hanson will be providing workshops and other resources to help teachers make the most out of the technology levy.


Training Workshops

We have workshops on the calendar and more are being planned.

  • Variety of workshops for all skill levels

  • Google Apps training

  • Using technology to teach more effectively

Video Resources

We are creating a collection of useful video training clips. Click on the Video Training link on the left side of the screen to access the videos.

  • Short "How To" videos for specific skills and techniques

  • Training videos based on our workshops

Classroom/Lab Support

If you would like us to work with you in the computer labs or in your classroom, contact us to schedule a time.

  • Google apps training (training for you and/or students)

  • Assistance incorporating Google Apps into your curriculum

  • Consultation on individual and building needs

Professional Development Staff
Mark Wayland
Tech TOSA - Professional Development
(360) 629-1300 x2253

Nate Hanson
Tech TOSA - Professional Development
(360) 629-1300 x2252